Welcome to the Whizz Kids Class Blog

You are very welcome to the Whizz Kids classroom. Together, we have 6 wonderful children ranging from the ages of 13-18. At school we are active learners, we enjoy various activities in school and we also like to have a bit of fun.

The Junior Cycle Level One Programme is implemented in our classroom. We learn in manageable, achievable chunks and each task is differentiated to suit the needs of our learners. We also have individual education plans which are specific to our needs. In the Junior Cycle Programme, we focus on:

  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Being part of the community
  • The Arts
  • Physical Education

Our lessons are interactive, thematic and fun and we strive to ensure all pupils are happy and content whilst learning their target areas. Each month we have a thematic topic and the children thoroughly enjoy these topics. We have a child centred approach and always make sure to engage our class by ensuring learning is fun.

Communication is key in the Whizz Kids classroom and we focus on speech and language sounds every day. We also incorporate Lámh, communication boards, visual timetables, ACC devices, vocalization and gestures to make sure we are meeting the needs of all the children.

During the day we focus on functional living skills and all pupils enjoy doing their daily chore (to which they get a reward at the end of the week for completing this). They also enjoy the class tuck shop on a Friday where they get to spend their reward that they worked so hard to earn during the week.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our class.