Welcome to the Super Stars Class Blog

I’d like to introduce the Superstars classroom. We have one excellent student here who is supported on a daily basis by three dedicated SNA’s and a class teacher. Our learning space is rich with language and dazzling displays.

We are working on the Junior Cycle Level 1 Learning Programme in our classroom, that we are accessing in a meaningful manner and every month we have a different theme to focus on which the curriculum is adjusted to give an individual comprehensive approach for our student. Our subject areas include:

  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Personal Care and Wellbeing
  • Being part of the community
  • The Arts – Music/Drama/Art
  • Physical Education.

Our student is dedicated to learning new skills. We have worked hard on our communication skills by learning Lamh and reinforcing it with speech. Our classroom promotes good behaviour and improving life skills such as self-care, good decision making, cooking, money management and emotional wellbeing. We have put huge effort into our displays and this student and his friends have had lots of fun along the way. There is plenty of opportunity for peer integration.

Superstars has a huge focus on functional living skills and our student is provided with an array of opportunities to practice these skills within the classroom and in our community. We strive for our student to be independent where possible.

Superstars IEP plans are devised by the class teacher in collaboration with outside professionals and parents. 

Our school has been very lucky to avail of extra-curricular activities such as Learn to Cycle, Gymnastics Programme, Athletics Programme, Home Economics Sessions, BLAST- Arts in Education, Music Therapy, Dance Sessions and lots more.

Superstars has had a great year this year with lots of learning and laughter along the way. Keep a look out on this page for our new adventures.