Welcome to the Sunflowers Class Blog

Welcome to Le Chéile! We are an ASD class with students ranging from 9 to 14 years of age. We treat each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. We differentiate in our class to meet the needs of every student by focusing on each student’s particular strengths and needs. Realistic and achievable targets are tailored for each student in the class based on the student’s strengths, needs and circumstances. We follow the Primary School Curriculum and adapt it where necessary to suit each student. The subject areas are language and communication, numeracy, science, history, geography, visual art, drama, music, physical education and religion. The happiness and well-being of the students in Le Chéile are our biggest aims, while providing a responsive learning environment in which our students can develop socially, emotionally, sensory, and academically. Language and Communication development, behavioural development and self-help skills are equally important to us.

We want our students to be in control of their day and to feel comfortable within the school and classroom environment. Therefore, structure is very important to us.  We provide visual timetables and schedules to enhance the students’ understanding of the sequence of their school day. We create an environment that is sensitive to communication by using the spoken word, LAMH signs, and a pictorial communication system (PECS). We strive to provide a calming space within the classroom and to make transitions within the school as smoothly as possible. To support behaviours all staff in Le Chéile keep distractions to the minimum and focus on a low-arousal environment. We make use of calm, non-confrontational and positive reinforcement approaches. We allow our students time to process information and help them to remain self-regulated.

Every day in Le Chéile is filled with happiness, fun and creativity. The staff work together as a team to give our students a sense of accomplishment in everything they do. We make use of honest praise so that every student in our class can grow in confidence!