Welcome to the Shooting Stars Class Blog

Welcome to Shooting stars classroom where we love to learn and have lots of fun too. Our class has six amazing pupils who have the designated abilities termed Severe and Profound and Moderate General  Learning difficulties with additional medical diagnosis who are aged from 6 years old to 17 years old.   Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy from the pupil’s local health centre regularly advice the class teacher and SNAs on how to support the pupils’ individualised programmes.

The younger pupils in the class follow the National Primary Curriculum in conjunction with the Moderate GLD and Severe and profound GLD guidelines as recommended by the Department of Education. The older pupils work towards the nationally recognised qualification of the Junior Cycle Level 1 programme.

We are busy bees in our classroom and we love to learn through sensory play, actively participating in storytelling and using our hands to access cause and effect programmes on the interactive whiteboard too. We use a number of ways to communicate in our classroom from objects of reference, switches, Big Macks, Lamh, look boards and eye gaze electronic communication devices too.

We like to have fun and you can often hear us singing as it’s a great way to help us learn our numbers and to support our topic work too. We are very proud of our work we and celebrate this by putting our work up on display.

Please call in and say hello to us as we love having visitors.