Welcome to the Little Acorns Class Blog

Our school was so happy and excited to welcome all the new pupils to St. Mary’s and here in Little Acorns class we are blessed with the best! It has been so exciting getting to know all the new pupil’s and we have had a very happy and busy start to the school year! Everyone really enjoys coming to school and everyone has now found their favourite areas whether that be the playground, the hall, the sensory room or the classroom where they get to go daily. Everyone has shown us their interests, talents and abilities in the first few weeks and we have had so much fun exploring together.

The pupil’s in Little Acorns have been getting to know each other as a class group and they are all very mindful of each other and a few friendships have begun to emerge.

We have been busy creating art displays and enhancing our environment. We have loved painting, cutting, gluing, creating stain glass, making sensory bottles and this is to only name a few. We are a very creative bunch and love to explore different textures and colours. We also take great pride in our work and some pieces have gone home to share with our families and others stayed in the classroom to share with everyone in school.

We have explored a range of music and have explored colours, body parts and numbers through this medium. Each child has exhibited preferences to different types of music, and we will continue to explore music and use it to assist the pupils in their holistic development.

There are six pupils in the class ranging from five to seven years old. We use the primary school curriculum and Aistear to assist the children’s learning. The curriculum is differentiated according to each pupil’s strengths and abilities. The children have begun using the Aistear framework in Little Acorns and they love having autonomy to play with different activities within the school environment and we are going to continue to build upon this in the next term.

We have enjoyed some visitors to the school Ray Bubbles put on a wonderful show that we all really enjoyed, and it was fantastic to have him in and Orla from creative mindfulness has come in and created some wonderful sensory inspired art works with us. We have really enjoyed working with her and we are looking forward to some more classes with her.

We were also delighted to welcome some of the multi- disciplinary team in order to aid the transitions of each pupil and in order to best support them from the start of their journey in St. Mary’s. Many thanks to Nuala (Nurse), Deirdre (OT), Natasha (OT), Laura (SLT) and everyone in the Springfield Centre in Mullingar and the CDNT in Kells. I also want to include all of the Little Acorns parents as they have been wonderful in assisting us and in helping us to get to know their children from day one!! It is wonderful to have everyone on board and it makes such a huge difference when we work together as a team.

We believe that every child is different and therefore we use a Total Communication Approach when working with the pupils. What does this look like? The children are communicated with verbally, using Lámh (Irish sign language), photographs, symbols, objects and ACC devices and in turn the pupils communicate with us using all the above and choice boards and gestures.

A picture speaks a thousand words so please see some photos below.