Welcome to the Bright Sparks Class Blog

There are 6 pupils in this class ranging from 7 – 11 years of age. We are a junior ASD class with an emphasis on active learning.  Learning and fun go hand-in-hand in our classroom, where we stride to include as much sensory input as possible in each of our lessons as we believe well-regulated learners are happy learners. We wholly utilize a thematic approach to our calendar year, having key focus on various events/topic each month, whereby we zero in on specific skills/abilities we wish to develop.

We use a child-centered approach to meet our pupils at their current level of engagement and learning, using this baseline to set targets for the coming year and helping them to achieve their potential.

The wish of the staff in the bright sparks classroom is for all of our pupils to become as self-sufficient as possible, to build on their current levels of independence to better navigate their environment and succeed in their everyday lives.

We attempt to facilitate this each and every day, using informal and structured opportunities for our learners to gain these key skills. A typical day in our classroom would consist of a mixture of structured group work, individual target led work times, social building exercises and communication exchange work.

We follow the  Primary School Curriculum – working on subject areas such as; language and communication, numeracy, science, history, geography, visual art, drama, music, physical education and religion. These subjects are taught throughout the school day and week in an integrated way, while also prioritizing the pupil specific targets of our learners in every lesson.